Dr Sideroffs workshops in IsraeI

Psy-Phi  Advanced Psychological Solutions  in collaboration with Thought Technology and the IBNA (Israeli Biofeedback -Nerofeedback Association) are proud to announce an intensive 3-day training workshop with a leading international biofeedback expert, Dr. Stephen Sideroff.  Dr. Sideroff is on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA’s Geffen school of medicine.  Dr. Sideroff will present his work in a wide range of behavioral medicine areas including stress management, resilience, treatment of pain and chronic illnesses as well as his approach to peak performance.  The workshop will include presentation of his ground breaking research as well as his newly developed model of resilience and how to work with clients in this new approach. Case presentations will be used to illuminate his approach.  In addition, Dr. Sideroff will be an invited speaker at the Israeli Biofeedback Society on June 17th, speaking on “A new model of resilience for restoring and maintaining optimal self-regulation”.  Here is the outline of his three day workshop:

Day 1: Stress management and resilience

Day 2: Pain and other chronic illnesses

Day 3: Peak Performance

During these presenations Dr. Sideroff will present information from his newly completed book, “The Path: Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success”.  Participants will also receive Dr. Sideroff’s Resilience Assessment Booklet.

For more information please contact : Yuval Oded

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Web sites

Dr Sideroff- http://www.thirdwind.org/aboutus_main.html

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IBNA - http://www.ibna.org.il/about-ibna.html

Thought Technology- http://www.thoughttechnology.com/